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I worked for many of the big waterproofing companies around Philly for 6 years. I went from laborer to being a foreman running crews. I started my own business in 1996 – Sahara Waterproofing. I saved money and got a lot of help from my father. I acquired a 1966 Dump truck and tools and never looked back.

I am on every job site, and never use sub-contractors or high-pitched salesman. This is dedicated to my pop. If it wasn’t for him, I would not be in business today. My father passed away in 1998. I wish he could see me now. I know he is looking down on me. He’s my Guardian angel. I miss him. I just wanted to say, “Pop, I love you”.

Thanks for reading! ~ Bobby / Owner Sahara Waterproofing


Most companies today use subcontractors, and high-pitched salesman. The salesman scares you about mold, and tries to pressure you into the sale immediately without thinking it over, or getting another estimate. Most of the salesmen the big companies hire come from other sales positions Walmart target etc. and the salesman watch hours of training videos FOR HOURS on how to sell high. the higher they sell the more money they make.

The money is divided into 3 parts. the salesman, the sub-contractor, and the company.Be prepared for the big company Salesmen to be in your house for 4 hours. they start outside looking around the entire house. 1 hour. then go down into the basement. and scare you about the mold you don’t have. another hour.

Then you and your husband both sit down at the table. And he tells you the outside waterproofing is going to be $50,000 Both of your jaws hit the table. then 2 hours of mumbo jumbo he gives you a price for the inside waterproofing. $15,000. Then you say why didn’t you give me that price 3 hours ago. That would be a turnoff for me. BY NOW you should have told him to leave. Another bad business practice. trying to take advantage of you. Trying to scare you, to go for the outside waterproofing. And beating around the bush for the inside waterproofing. even that price is too high. Be careful always get a few estimates.

The salesman will call you before the estimate, tells you that both the wife and husband have to be present, not true. Sahara waterproofing sets up the appointment, of who ever calls me the first. then I set up the appointment that way.sometimes you both can't be At the appointment due to other commitments.

If the salesman is talking bad about another company at the presentation, that is bad business practice. Sahara Waterproofing is only going to talk, about what are we going to do for you. that’s it. Not talking bad about another company. If I were the consumer and heard that. I would not hire that company.

Sahara Waterproofing treats your home with respect. we are a Family Owned And Operated Business. We cover your floors with canvas tarps. and cover washer And dryers and misc things in the basement with plastic. thank you. Call Us Today And Have A Dry Basement Tomorrow.

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About Us

Hi, I’m Bobby, owner of Sahara Waterproofing. I graduated in 1984 from Jules Mastbaum Vocational Technical School in Philadelphia. Right out of school, I joined the laborers union. While in the union, I learned how to jackhammer concrete, rake, roll, and seal hot black top. I also learned how to set 18″ steel curb forms, finished concrete curbs and sidewalks.

That’s how I learned – I just jumped right in. I worked as a union laborer until 1990 when the recession was a bummer. That’s when I started working for a waterproofing company as a laborer. I would jackhammer a trench, pick & shovel dirt out of the trench, carry buckets up the steps, and then dump onto the truck. This was the hardest job I ever had, including the union.

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