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Epoxy paint is a two-part coating system used primarily on Garage and basement floors, warehouse, and automotive shop floors. It provides a very different finish than traditional paint due to its chemical composition. The two components of the epoxy paint are kept separate until just before use. When mixed, these components, undergo a chemical reaction that forms a nearly impenetrable bond. The epoxy floor coating, exists of a base coat,finish coat with,or without decorative flakes. and then a two coat clear coat sealer will be applied to the epoxy. to give it that protective finish, with a non slip aggregate added if needed. It will protect against, oils, animals, hot tire pickup etc. Many Colors To Choose From Chemical Resistant. Ask Sahara Waterproofing for a color chart when meeting with Bobby to discuss your Epoxy Floor Needs.

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Epoxy Floor Coating.

Overview of Epoxy Paint


Epoxy paint offers many advantages over other flooring options. Because epoxy acts as both a filler and a coating, it can be applied to rough or uneven surfaces fairly easily. It is also waterproof. Clean and oil and dirt free. where your regular concrete, in your garage will show oil stains, and dust. Just hose it off, or wipe it right up with a rag. It Beautifies your Garage,Basement, warehouse, or Automotive shop floor. Surfaces coated with epoxy paint are also able to withstand higher levels of traffic and abuse, including cars, forklifts, and heavy equipment. Epoxy is easy to clean. Finally, epoxy paint application is extremely durable and long-lasting.
Historically, epoxy paint has primarily been used in commercial settings, especially automotive and warehouse facilities. This is due to the high durability and low maintenance of this material, even when exposed to frequent vehicle traffic and gasoline or chemical spills. Because of its seamless nature, it is also popular in medical and laboratory settings. The lack of seams provides a "clean-room" type of floor, where there are no voids in the floor for mold or dirt to buildup. Epoxy is also used in animal facilities and schools due to the ease of cleaning these floors. Homeowners have begun using epoxy paint in lieu of traditional concrete in Garages and Basements, because of It's ability to withstand oil and grease stains.

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Epoxy Floor Coatings Philadelphia, PA

Epoxy paint is a finish material used in homes and commercial buildings. It is used primarily as a floor covering, and forms a hard, shiny surface upon application. Epoxy Floor Coating is popular in garages and showroom floors due to its strength and resistance to damage.

Like all epoxy products, it is a two-part system, composed of both a resin and a hardener, with color added to provide the desired finish. Sahara Waterproofing is experienced in basic and custom epoxy floor coating applications. Like all epoxy products, it is a two-part system, composed of both a resin and a hardener, with color added to provide the desired finish.
Sahara Waterproofing is experienced in basic and custom epoxy floor coating applications. Metallic Epoxy Floor Coatings, For Garage and basement floors. Contact Sahara Waterproofing Today about your Epoxy Floor Projects, In Philadelphia, Or the tri state area. 


Epoxy paint is best applied over a clean and non oily concrete floor. The concrete must be completely dried, or cured, and should also be cleaned and de-greased using a pressure washer. Next, the concrete is etched using a blend of water and Muriatic Acid. Or if the floor has existing epoxy, or latex paint. It must be mechanically removed, Shot- Blasted, or Scarified,or Diamond Grinded Etc. This gives the floor texture and allows it to better hold the Epoxy paint.You want the floor to have a porous profile, like a cinder block. so the epoxy can adhere 100% better. And will last for a very long time. Just before application, the epoxy resin and hardener, part A & Part B are mixed,with a jiffy mixer, to make sure the epoxy is mixed correctly. Approximately 3 minutes. then applied using a paint brush to cut in. And roller either A 9inch, or 18inch roller. it is important to work quickly once the paint has been mixed. Usually water based epoxy will give you a pot life of 45 minutes to an hour. Depending on what brand you are using. Aggregate may be added in the final clear coat sealer for more traction.If the floor is always going to be wet. like a restaurant, bakery,Or the food industry.The floor should be ready for foot traffic within 8 hours, and able to withstand vehicle traffic within 7 days.

Our waterborne epoxy liquid flooring is the choice for concrete coatings,and wood floors,in hundreds of different applications,For garages,Basements,dog runs,supermarket meat processing rooms,porches,Industrial warehouses, ETC. Unlike latex paint,our Epoxy Coating, is a 100% pure epoxy. This means it is a tough and durable enough for the harshest of conditions. Plus our epoxy is the only Epoxy coating to Feature. WET chemistry. ( Waterborne epoxy technology) which actually allows the coating to breathe. thereby eliminating blisters,that eventually causes chipping and peeling.

Tuf- Trac is a 100% acrylic coating formulated from a unique blend of modified acrylic polymers,and colorfast pigments to protect and preserve asphalt and concrete surfaces. It creates an attractive skid resistant surface that withstands the rigors of virtually any climate.

It is ideal for:

  • Balconies 
  • Walkways 
  • Pool decks 
  • Recreational areas 
  • Tennis courts
  • Patios
  • Arenas
  • Bike paths Durability Features
  • Long Lasting Protection
  • Textured Surface
  • Slip Resistant Safety Finish
  • Vibrant Permanent Colors
  • Beatifies Surface 
  • Water Based 
  • VOC Compliant 
  • Available In Custom Colors
  • Enables Color
  • Ready To Use? Easy To Apply

Concrete Coatings Stamp-able Overlay Resurfacing
Concrete coatings,sealers stampable overlay For pavements patios,driveways,sidewalks,pool decks.

Our concrete overlay is a one component polymer-modified cementitious material,for the resurfacing of existing concrete.It is suitable for broom finishes and decorative trowel finishes on,sidewalks,driveways,patios,pool decks,and anywhere that has exposed concrete. our concrete overlay features a natural light gray color that provides a uniform,like new look to concrete surfaces.especially spalled concrete slip resistant.

We seal our overlay with a chemical resistant water based sealer, after it has cured. Especially outside where concrete is exposed to the sun and harsh chemicals and salt in the winter time. call Sahara Waterproofing today for all your concrete resurfacing projects.


There are three basic types of epoxy paint, and each is categorized by the percentage of "solids," or epoxy, it contains. The most expensive of the three is known as a 100 percent solid. This type forms an incredibly strong floor, and is most commonly used in industrial settings. Solvent-based epoxy paint contains roughly 50 percent solids, which are combined with a variety of chemical solvents.And has a strong odor. ventilation is required, doors, window, etc. And are primarily used in light-commercial applications. Warehouse, and Automotive shops. Finally, water-based epoxies contain 50 percent solids blended with water. and has a low voc (Volatile Organic Compound) Refers to compliance with an environmentally standard. and has a low odor, which is good for epoxy coating, Basement, or any indoor projects.They are chemical resistant. The water base Epoxy is the best epoxy paint for home use, because they contain no hazardous fumes. Any of these three paints can be found in a variety of colors or textures.

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